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"Simply the best! I have been buying hair here for years, never gone elsewhere - fabulous selection, amazing service, and you will never feel pushed into a sale. Always honest & helpful. I recommend everyone to Lilybelle and will continue to do so. Thanks for all your help over the years Caroline!"
Jana B.

"I've been going to Lilybelle Locks for a little while now. I absolutely love this place. Being a family run business you feel how much they care about the product and their services. I love that you sit there and feel included in their family dynamic. Lilybelle Locks is probably the only place I would ever recommend. They don't try to scam you. They give it to you straight ( or curly if you so choose lol). They care so much about everyone and don't try and rush you. My appointment actually got moved back a couple hours as some ladies (undergoing chemo) had their wigs come in and they spent time with these ladies making sure they were happy, making them comfortable in probably one of the hardest times of their lives. So five stars and more if they were available to choose."
Mandy S.

"I got the easiHair topper in December 2015! was recommended by my salon to go see them! I am so glad I did!  It totally gave me the confidence to go out to events, and socialize over Christmas, as I have very fine and thinning hair!  I am now going to bring in my daughter to select some extensions for our hairdresser to put in!  I can't thank them enough! may just have to get a 2nd topper for myself too!"
Jeanine H

"The staff is always very friendly and will go overboard to accommodate you. They are always happy too help! I would recommend Lilybelle Locks to anyone looking for wigs, extensions, shampoos etc etc.... You won't be disappointed! I love you guys!!"
Lorraine N

"I buy my hair care products here and love them. Recently I got in to the Smart Hair clip ins by Hair Couture and have nothing but great things to say about them! They are truly smart. They are high quality synthetic fiber that you can curl, straighten, trim, whatever you like. It's so fast and easy to put in and feels great even when wearing it for extended periods (I may have slept in them a few times...)"
Melissa B

"My first experience with extensions was with Lilybelle locks, and It has always been a positive experience! With great quality products and great advice, they've helped me through bad haircuts and dye jobs and I always leave the store smiling! Thanks for your continuing outstanding customer service. ☺"
Mackenzie T

The girls know what they're doing and carry a lot of knowledge on the wigs and extensions. they're super nice and can hold a conversation when I'm sitting there getting my hair done, and you can tell that they actually care what the outcome will look like. they also are super good at making it work for me, since it takes so long to put extensions in and I have a busy schedule they find ways to rush while still putting the full effort in and making my hair look the best it can. My extensions are great! they feel like my real hair, and you can't tell the difference in feel or colour, which is harder to do since my hair has so many shades in it. I've never had a bad experience at Lilybelle and would highly recommend them"
Jamie M.

"These ladies are Amazing ....love the selection of wigs and hair extensions...they really put the personal touch into retail again...i recently after shopping for months and with their help finally decided on a wig earlier this month...i bought the wig because i wanted a change that wouldn't feel permanent but would look permanent...and know you what ?? my closest friends, the ones i see at least once or twice a week thought i had gotten extensions...they were in awe that i had a wig that looked so NATURAL on me...my profile picture is me in the wig....i LOVE it and couldn't be happier with it...Thank you sooo much Lilybelle Locks Salon"
Pearlena M.

"The owner is amazing and incredibly helpful and understanding with what you need! I highly recommend this store."
Alitia E.

"Amazing store, amazing service, amazing people. Just amazing ❤️!!"
Thea M.